Did you miss El Cholo and George Lopez showcase LA's bright Latin culture during #SBLVI on ...

"El Cholo is proud to be featured in the NFL Network's NFL GameDay Morning titled "This is LA" which paid tribute to the host city of the Super Bowl (LA!)"

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Nearly 100 Year Old Restaurant Coming to Utah

Written by cmarquez

"June 29, 2021, Salt Lake City, Utah At nearly 100 years old, California-based restaurant El Cholo was the first Mexican food in Los Angeles. It has since grown into a chain of six restaurants dispersed in Southern California. "

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9 Stops you Need to Make in CDM

Written by Ameihia Turingan

"Nestled in Newport Beach, Corona del Mar’s picturesque scenery and stunning landscape befit its name of “Crown of the Sea.” Casey Lesher, a luxury real estate agent with over 14 years of experience, is CdM’s top seller and deeply understands the heart of this seaside neighborhood"

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23 Essential Restaurants in Los Angeles you need to try right now

"Sonora natives Alejandro Borquez and wife Rosa opened the first El Cholo in 1923, originally billing it as a “Spanish café.”"

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El Cholo — Delicious Mexican Food

Written by Huffington Post

"In the fifty+ years that I have been here, I can’t imagine this city without the old-fashioned romantic Mexican-style hacienda of El Cholo. These wonderful restaurants remain in the same family and, though the menus may reflect some changes in our culinary tastes, the favorite dishes haven’t changed at all since 1923."

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The Best Mexican Restaurants In Los Angeles

Written by The Infatuation

"El Cholo is the mother of Mexican food in Los Angeles. Since 1923, this absolutely giant restaurant in Koreatown (there’s other locations around town, but this is the original) has been serving classics that have become staples of this city’s cuisine."

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The Best Mexican Restaurants in Los Angeles

Written by Thrillist

"These days, grandson Ron Salisbury carries on family traditions at this sprawling hacienda-style spot, where menu items appear alongside their years of introduction; original dishes include chile con carne, albondigas, and green corn tamales."

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El Cholo

Written by TimeOut

"Still, the Mexican comfort food is fantastic and the atmosphere is historic in a way very few other LA eateries can manage."

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El Cholo Celebrates 95 Years in Los Angeles

Written by Restaurant News

"El Cholo’s legacy lies in its steadfast commitment to quality ingredients, long family history, loyal employees and devoted clientele."

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The Two Oldest Mexican Restaurants in Los Angeles are Keeping Tradition Alive

Written by Culture Trip

"I feel like I’m the caretaker of the restaurant,” Salisbury says. “It was given to me to take care of. My job is to respect what my family did, make sure I don’t let them down, and if there’s any way I can better it, and then pass it on to the next generation."

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Written by LA Weekly

"The food at El Cholo is hearty and slightly more original than you might expect. The tacos al carbon combining top sirloin and bacon would be right at home on a top-flight taco truck."

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El Cholo restaurants celebrating anniversary with 95-cent entree

Written by Eyewitness News

"Growing up it was always interesting to see the diversity of Angelenos that came into the restaurant. Our food is what set us apart and everyone wanted a bite of it," said owner Ron Salisbury. "By staying true to our original recipes, we have not only made it to 95 years, but we have also grown from one restaurant to six."

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