EL Cholo


Original El Cholo owner, George, was not a fan of selling hard liquer.  Remember he came from the days of prohibition and it was heresay to include a strong drink on your menu.  Ron began including the margarita on the menu; however, one night, in a somewhat brazen fashion, a longtime guest (and true EL CHOLO fan) said “let me show you how to make a great margarita!”  He takes Ron to his steakhouse in a strip mall in Anaheim and shows him how a real margarita is made. This is still the same recipe enjoyed in your margarita today! Eventually, EL CHOLO becomes the world’s largest user of Jose Cuervo 1800 Tequila and the first restaurant to introduce premium ingredients in a margarita.  This is the year that George Salisbury transfers full ownership to his son Ron.