1959: NACHOS!

It was the late 1950's and our vibrant and friendly waitress Carmen Rocha had a great deal of regulars at the establishment (Jack Nicholson included).  Carmen loved to make a special snack for us that she picked up in her hometown of San Antonio, TX.  Layers upon layers of tortilla chips, jalapenos, and golden cheddar cheese!  These were soon dubbed the name "nachos" and Los Angeles was going crazy for them!  The 'off-menu' creation was soon so popular we had to give it it’s rightful place among the other mainstays on our menu.  I’ll never forget years later finding myself situated in an East Los Angeles small event hall… ragged and simple.  It was Carmen's wedding and seated right next to me was Jack Nicholson, eating nachos off the same paper plates I was.  We were friends of Carmens and her bubbly personality was infectious.  It captured everyone, no matter who you were.