Welcome to Cousin Bill's Patio, a unique mix of Sonora Style appetizers and entrees! We've long wanted to be creative with your El Cholo favorites but due to the fandom of our El Cholo dishes, we haven't been able to... hence, Cousin Bill's Patio! Born out of COVID, this Friday / Saturday food establishment has become a real favorite in the community that we are making it a main stay!

Cousin Bill's Patio sits within (and outside of) the beloved Cat & the Custard Cup, an English style building that has been around for decades. We had to keep the memories alive and invite you to experience our longtime El Cholo chef's creations.

Over 10 margaritas available and an extensive tequila collection to wow any connoisseur!

OPEN FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS from 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM with reservations available by calling the El Cholo La Habra location at:
(562) 691-4618

Cousin Bill's Patio